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Calling time on tea… and it’s not because of Brexit!

  • Has the @The_IPO process become too complicated for the common man to use without expensive legal services?… https://t.co/828l9KQv3G
  • Fancy a cup of #covfefe or #teva this morning? @realDonaldTrump
  • Congratulations Nardi who have opened their doors in our former home at 7 Paradise Road. Gorgeous food and prosecco… https://t.co/g6HswrrJTW
  • As 2017 begins now is the time to turn over a new tea leaf! Go for greens and get healthy. We're hooked on Pouchong https://t.co/FTUIA6QGqI
  • @JuliePeasgood @kazlewis11 and #RickParfitt God rest his rock n roll soul